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Full benefits Employee Stock-Ownership Plan (ESOP), 401(k) Retirement Plan, Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts (HCFSA), Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DCFSA), Life Insurance, Safety Boot Program, Prescription Safety Glasses Program, and Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


All applicants for the position of the Truck Driver classification (listed below) shall meet the following minimum requirements. 

  1. a.    6 – Wheel Dump Truck Drivers (034)
  2. b.    10 – Wheel Dump Truck Drivers (035)
  3. c.    Vactor Truck (025) 
  1. Successfully pass an alcohol and controlled substance screen, in accordance with DOT regulations.
  2. Successfully pass a DOT physical, written, and road test as required by Federal and State regulations.
  3. Possess the physical and mental ability to perform all work components as listed in the "Job Description.
  4. Have a means of transportation in order to report to a designated job location at the specified starting time.
  5. Present a valid CDL and current copy of your driving record.
  6. Have your own set of area map books in order to navigate efficiently within the Washington, DC and Baltimore Metropolitan area.
  7. The starting wage rate for this position depends upon the division and job classification for which you are hired, and can fluctuate between divisions for the same job classification.  

Your POSITION or "JOB CLASS" and your starting salary are set at the time you are hired.  Both are determined by the Personnel Director, the supervisor, and division to whom you are assigned.  Your starting wage can fluctuate depending upon the division you are hired for, current labor market, transportation, job location and contract.  Their decision is based upon the completeness of your application, the interview process, your references, and your values and behavior, your talent, your previous construction experience, your job knowledge in our line of work and finally, how well we perceive you to "fit in" with our employees and management philosophies.  The job classification of a Truck Driver is considered to be a skilled position.  This position is one of physical output and mental skill.  A truck driver is responsible for the safety of employees, pedestrians, traffic, and the vehicle that they operate.  A truck driver must be able to achieve maximum production with the vehicle and comply with all of the rules and regulations associated with vehicle operation.  A person selected for a driver's position must have prior operating and maintenance experience on the specific type of vehicle available.    In addition, each driver must:


  1. Possess a valid CDL for the type of vehicle to be driven.If your driver's license becomes suspended, canceled, revoked, or expires, you must notify your supervisor immediately.  You are not to operate any motorized equipment owned, rented, or leased by the company until your license is reinstated.
  2. Check in with General Foreman, Foreman and/or Dispatcher each day for your job assignment.
  3. Inform the Dispatcher before you bring or remove any equipment, materials, trailers, compressors, supplies, etc., to or from the yard.
  4. Know the vehicle and its correct method of operation and limitations. A pre-trip vehicle inspection report must be filled out and turned in daily before you leave the yard. (See letter "A" below for correct distribution of report).  Any vehicle determined unsafe for operation will not be driven until the defect has been corrected and a shop supervisor has placed the vehicle back in service. (It can't be fixed if we don't know it's broke). Check oil and other fluids before starting truck.  Allow vehicle to warm up in the mornings to ensure proper operation.Turn engine off after a 3 minute warm up period until you are ready to leave the yard. You are responsible for overweight citations, unless directed otherwise by a Company Supervisor. Never leave truck loaded overnight, unless directed by your supervisor. Operate vehicle with seatbelt fastened and headlights on at all times. Replace all burned out bulbs.  They may be obtained from the Shop. Check and re-check the hitch and safety chain hookup and any wiring for lights before leaving the yard or any job site. Make sure company signs are on the truck. Make an effort to conserve fuel.  Shut engine off (unless otherwise unfeasible), place vehicle in gear and set parking brake whenever your vehicle is stopped for an extended period of time.  When the vehicle is unoccupied you are to place your wood chocks under the rear drivers side tires. Never back your vehicle up unless you have a designated signalman to assist. Maintain the bed tarpaulin. Carry basic hand tools for minor repairs.
  5. Turn the white copy into the shop, yellow copy to safety and retain the pink copy in the vehicle.  As a Truck Driver you are required by DOT laws to maintain your "pink copy" for a minimum of 90 days. Make sure the vehicle registration, fuel permits, Virginia and Maryland fuel stickers and all other required documents are valid both inside and outside the vehicle. Make sure the following required safety equipment is on the vehicle and in good working condition. Fire Extinguisher (mounted and fully charged) Flares or Safety Triangles Seat Belts
  6. Always be in or near your vehicle during the day unless a Supervisor directs you otherwise.
  7. Always assist in other useful work when your vehicle is not in use.  If you are unsure of what to do, you are required to ask the job site Supervisor.
  8. Assist in tire changes only when our shop is doing the work.
  9. Keep vehicle clean from dirt and excess grease All fittings are to be greased except drive line fittings under the truck.  Flippo shop will supply the grease gun and spare grease at time of hire. Vehicles are to be washed and cleaned out daily.
  10. 10. Report all breakdowns immediately to your Supervisor.  This will minimize down time.  Find other useful work if down time occurs. 
  11. Fuel vehicle and drain air reservoir at the end of your work shift.
  12. Secure all windows and lock all doors and compartments when finished for the day.  Return all keys to the Dispatcher.  NEVER take keys home with you.
  13. Report all accidents, no matter how minor to the Safety Director or Safety Superintendent immediately. If at all possible do not move your vehicle. Call for a supervisor with a camera to take pictures of the accident scene. Complete the accident report located in the vehicle as soon as possible. Do not admit guilt to the accident.
  14. Report all moving violation convictions that occur, either on or off the job, immediately to the Personnel Director in writing.  This is a DOT requirement.
  15. Complete the mileage and fuel sheet daily.  Turn in to the Dispatcher weekly, by Friday afternoon.
  16. If your workweek consists of 4-10 hour days call dispatch on Thursday before 1:00pm to see if you are needed for work on Friday. 
  17. Attend weekly job site toolbox talks and all other company safety meetings, as required.
  18. Take directions from the Foreman on the job site or in their absence their designated appointee.
  19. Be available for snow removal operations.  Keep company informed of all personal numbers in the event of emergency call-outs.
  20. Work in all types of weather conditions or climate, unless there is an immediate threat of danger.
  21. Use and maintain your "TRUCK DRIVERS ROAD MANUAL"
  22. Upon request by your Supervisor, be available to work Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays, if required. 


The position of driver requires the individual to possess the physical ability to perform the following task for a minimum of 8 hours per day.

  1. Negotiate rough terrain.
  2. Climb in and out of manholes, excavations, and/or other confined or enclosed spaces.
  3. Climb up and down from vehicle either to operate it or perform routine maintenance checks.
  4. Carry and use trade associated tools, equipment, or material up to a weight of 95 pounds.
  5. Have adequate vision to observe and follow hand signals.
  6. Stand, stoop, bend, reach, climb, walk, or sit.
  7. Wear and maintain safety equipment (hardhat, safety-toed boots, safety glasses and orange safety vests) as required by the type of work or at the direction of the Safety Director or immediate supervisor.  These items must be purchased/worn immediately upon employment.
  8. Perform all associated job functions of a laborer such as shoveling, using sledge or claw hammers, mixing or breaking concrete, operating pipe or chain saws, carrying equipment or materials, or any other related duty.
  9. Possess the ability to understand, remember, and follow work-related instructions or methods.

An additional form is needed for this position. Please click HERE to print the form and complete. Once completed please email to jgerard@flippo.com or fax to:301-736-8539

Flippo Construction Company, Inc
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